sales manager
Basic requirements:
Professional requirements: marketing, business management, electrical and electrical engineering;
Education requirements: college degree or above
Work experience: 2 years or above
Salary: Negotiable
Recruitment number: 5
Recruitment target: social talents
Age requirement: 25-40
Work place: net province company area
Job responsibilities:
1 master the relevant product market information of the regional network of the company, according to the company sales target, the development of the regional power grid market and outside the market sales plan;
2 the implementation of the whole sales process, complete the sales task, organize the signing of the contract, the delivery date determination and payment collection;
3 regularly report to the company leadership, the completion of the daily report assessment, the completion of the work of the company issued targets.
Job requirements:
1 the age of 25 or above, college degree or above, major in electric power, marketing, management or related;
2 with more than 2 years of relevant power industry sales experience, with the ability to control the sales process;
3 good team work communication, expression and understanding;
4 in the network of the company's two substation protection and power systems have a certain industry resources and related power project customer resources is preferred.
Quotation Specialist
Basic requirements:
Professional requirements: electromechanical integration technology; power supply; power system and its automation;
Education requirements: college degree or above
Work experience: 1-3 years
Salary: Negotiable
Recruitment number: 2
Recruitment target: social talents
Age requirement: 20-35
Job responsibilities:
1 under the leadership of the Department, to conduct business quotation and component selection, tender production
2 business quotation and other daily quotation and tender;
3 under the leadership of the Department for supplier development and component selection;
4 strictly abide by the company management system, to prevent the leakage of the company's business secrets;
5 business documents, technical drawings, sorting, sorting and filing;
Post qualification:
1, the gender is not limited, more than 1 years of working experience in the power industry, can skillfully use a variety of office software;
2, sincere, cheerful, positive attitude, with good communication and coordination and learning ability;
3, the work is earnest, active, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have certain ability to work under pressure.