Electric Vehicle Smart AC charging series

Environmental conditions
① Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃;
② Relative humidity: 5% to 95%;
③ Altitude: ≤1000m;
④ installation location: Outdoor;
⑤ seismic capacity: ground horizontal acceleration of 0.3g;
Vertical ground acceleration 0.15g;
Equipment should be able to withstand the effect lasted three sine waves, and the safety factor should be greater than 1.67;

Product Description

Its function is similar to the gas station charging pile inside the tanker can be fixed on the ground or wall, installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking, etc.) and within residential areas or parking lot charging stations, according to different voltage levels various types of electric vehicle charging. Charging pile of input and the AC grid connected directly to the output terminals are equipped with a charging plug for electric vehicle charging. Charging pile generally provide conventional charging and fast charging two charging methods, people can use a specific charge card credit card use in the charging pile provides interactive user interface, the corresponding charging mode, charge time, cost data printing operations, charging pile screen can display the amount of charge, fee, charge time and other data.

Charging pile (suppository) can achieve timing, power level meter, meter the amount of the charge, the purchase of electricity as a public terminal. At the same time in order to improve public charging pile (plug) the efficiency and practicality, the future will continue to increase a (tied) and charge more for the electric bike charging function.

Up to now, China's electric vehicle charging station is mostly limited to buses or electric vehicles within the group, we have not really built for different users of the charging station network. Already built or under construction in more representative of the charging station has the following contents. In 2006, BYD headquarters in Shenzhen, Shenzhen built the first electric car charging stations.
In 2008, construction of the first centralized domestic charging station during the Beijing Olympic Games, to meet the 50 pure electric bus power battery charging requirements.
October 2009, Shanghai Electric Power Company invested into Shanghai Caoxi electric vehicle charging station, is the first commercial electric car charging stations operational functions.
The end of 2009, Beijing Branch of the Group in the first Jianxiangqiao completed the construction of the first one contains a complete intelligent micro-grid demonstration Beijing pure electric passenger car charging stations.
December 31, 2009, China Southern Power Grid put into operation the first electric vehicle charging station (pile) put into operation in Shenzhen, the scale of construction for the two charging stations, 134 charging pile (tied).
March 31, 2010, the State Grid Corporation of Tangshan Nanhu charging station put into operation, it is China's first national grid typical design charging station, while 10 electric cars by the fast charge and slow charge charging operation in two ways.