Network power meter KW-630A

Product Description

First, an overview
The instrument adopts the integrated harmonic monitoring of American ADI company of the three-phase electric energy metering chip, data acquisition and control function, with electric parameter measurement and electric energy metering integrated connection monitoring system provides RS485 communication interface with the host computer, Chinese LCD display, support MODBUS communication protocol or multiple protocols, network formation the communication structure, realize the automation management of electrical equipment. Can be widely used in medium and low voltage power distribution automation systems, industrial automation systems, intelligent switch cabinets, building automation systems, negative control systems, energy management systems, plant power management, etc..
Two, functional characteristics
1 can be set to CT/PT ratio;
2 instrument can be rolling display important electrical parameters;
3 extend two relay outputs, can be set to protect function or remote control function;
4 extend two external passive switching inputs
4 instrument can be set 225 - 0 correspondence address;
5 access to a variety of communication systems, and the industry a variety of other products for communication;
6 LCD display, high visibility;
Four 7 quadrant power calculation, sub - time billing, maximum demand records and 12 - month power statistics, multiple - rate functions.
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