DC monitoring unit CRN-PM3D

Product Description

First, an overview
DC monitoring unit using eight bit microcontroller, bus, battery parameters. The direct current monitoring unit communicates with the monitoring module of the system through the RS485 communication bus.
Measurement of the two section of the parent voltage, voltage and current, two groups of battery voltage and charge and discharge current, ambient temperature.
Through the RS485 serial interface, the detected information is transmitted to the main monitor, which is used as the main monitor management power supply system and the basis of the fault alarm.
To provide a 4 channel extension of the measurement channel, the system can measure the expansion of equipment operating parameters (input voltage 5V).
Current measurement supports Holzer current sensor measurement mode.
Voltage measurement uses the direct measurement of the negative side, the extended measurement uses the sensor measurement (requires the maximum output of the sensor 5V).
Two, the main function
The measurement of two buses, controlling mother; parenting; negative voltage.
- two battery voltage and current measurement
The measurement of three 0~5VDC analog data, the coefficient can be set
- through RS485 communication bus and system monitoring module to complete the data exchange
Voltage measurement: 6 way
Current sensor measurement: 4
Relay outputs: 7
Extended measurement: 4 way