Battery patrol unit KW-DCK1

Product Description

First, an overview
The battery inspection unit adopts eight bits single chip microcomputer, which is responsible for collecting the environmental temperature of the two groups, the 111 (or 56) unit cell voltage of the battery. The battery monitoring unit communicates with the monitoring module of the system through the RS485 communication bus. The method is suitable for the detection voltage of the lead-acid battery in the 2.0V transformer substation, and the conventional method of connecting the battery to the 2.0V series of 104 sections for the battery cabinet and the GZDW system.
Two, basic functions
Measuring two sets of ambient temperature
Acquisition of 111 monomer battery voltage,
Monomer battery voltage measurement range: 0 ~ 2.35VDC
* the measurement error of single battery voltage: less than 10mV
* number of measurement environment temperature: 2
* voltage measurement accuracy: 0.2%
* current measurement accuracy: 1%
Data exchange is accomplished through RS485 communication bus and system monitoring module