Communication power supply

Product Description

First, an overview
TG4820 communication power supply using LED digital tube display, support 220V single-phase AC input and 220V voltage level DC input. TG4820 uses vertical installation, input and output by the integration of aviation joint, an anti reverse connection protection, support electric plug. TG4820 input and output using the integrated aviation head, all kinds of signals through the socket connection
Two, the main features
Input - AC / DC (set), wide input voltage range;
Adopt the hardware flow technology, current imbalance of less than 3%, and a simple machine;
The wind machine adopts the temperature control technology, low noise and long life fan;
The configuration of remote communication interface, four;
The perfect protection function, including input / output undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection;
Having short circuit protection function, even if the long-term in a short-circuit state is not damaged;
The built-in connection reverse protection, support electric plug;
Signal name
Pin number
Signal definition
AC input L
The input end of the module, when the input using DC power, no polarity requirements
AC input N
Protected land PE
The protection ground of the module is connected with the module shell.
communication interface
The communication interface between the module and the superior equipment is serial asynchronous transfer mode, and the interface level is RS485
Uniform flow interface
Mean flow +
Weak signal terminals, two or more than two of the module output parallel connection, in order to achieve the module sharing load; recommendation: the layer module are streamlined connection please use the shield line
Mean flow
DC output
3, (4)
Output +
The output of the module is separated from the casing.
2, (1)
Output -
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