ARP Series modular UPS (25-900kVA)

Product Description

Product introduction:
ARP Series modular UPS using IGBT full bridge rectifier technology, high input power factor and low input current harmonic distortion, to meet user demand for a new generation of green power device. System uses modular design, small size, high power density, good scalability, and combined with the traditional tower type of technical characteristics, to ensure the high reliability of the power supply.
Performance characteristics:
- IGBT full bridge rectifier, >0.99 input power factor, input current harmonic <3%, the efficiency of >95%;
- modular design, parallel redundant N+X, online hot plug, easy to upgrade and expansion;
- strong load adaptability and load capacity, strong adaptability of power grid;
- power module configuration of double DSP controller module, independent control, no single point of failure risk;
- power circuit using IGBT module instead of discrete devices, improves the reliability of the system;
- positive maintenance, provide on line mode, convenient connection;
Super large screen touch screen man-machine interface, abundant information;
Independent charging system -, charging and battery management and perfect solution;
Parallel technology - digital module, excellent circulation index;
Can be close to other equipment installation, save room space;
- redundant intelligent fan speed, low noise;
- internal system cabinet integrated distribution system, convenient installation and save the investment of the users;
- excellent matching performance of generator;
Application domain:
ARP Series modular UPS is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, marine, military, aviation, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries.