AC-DC integrated DAIP

Product Description

Product overview:
With AC and DC power integrated power supply equipment (hereinafter referred to as the integration of AC and DC power station) is used in AC power system (GZZ), DC power supply system (GZDW), power AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power inverter power supply system (INV), communication with the direct streamization power supply (DC/DC) system the integration of design, production, monitoring, debugging, and implementation of station power integration, intelligence, network, security. The traditional station power supply design, different equipment from different suppliers, the communication protocol is generally not compatible, low degree of automation. Because there is no unified monitoring equipment for the whole station with power management, can not achieve the coefficient of data sharing, reliability, economy is poor. DAIP AC and DC integrated system has changed the existing problems of the traditional power supply, realize the information sharing of power supply station, fully meet the requirements of the current unmanned substation and digital substation station power supply.
Adaptive range:
A, digital substation / Green substation / intelligent substation /
B, 6kV~500kV a variety of voltage levels of conventional substation
technical parameter
AC input rated voltage: single phase 220V; three-phase 380V;
AC rated input frequency: 50HZ
AC voltage and current sampling precision: measurement accuracy
Switch input: high level (logic 1) DC 24V, low level (logic 0) DC 0V
Export relay contact: electric shock capacity AC 250V/5A
- current accuracy: + 0.5% (20% limiting test)
Voltage regulation accuracy: + 0.5%
- ripple coefficient: RMS ripple coefficient is less than 0.5%, the peak ripple coefficient is less than 1%
- current unbalance: less than 5%
System refresh cycle: 1.5 seconds
Control response time: 1 second
Alarm response time: less than 2 seconds
System data points: 2000 points
Communication response time: 0.3 seconds
Use environment:
Maximum temperature: 40
Minimum temperature: -10
Maximum daily temperature difference: 30K
Sunshine intensity: 0.1W/cm2 (wind speed 0.5m/s)
- altitude: 1000M
Maximum wind speed: 35m/s
Environmental relative humidity (at 25 C)
Daily average: 95%
Monthly average value: 90%
Earthquake intensity: 8 degrees
Horizontal acceleration: 0.3g
Vertical acceleration: 0.15g
Pollution level: Grade III
- Location: Indoor

Main functions and features
The system of station power flexible collocation
DC power supply and AC power supply, inverter power supply, communication power supply based on the scene to use different, any combination of a station power supply system
It can realize the station power system management
AC power supply, inverter power supply, DC power supply, unified specification of communication power supply, data sharing, through the integrated monitoring module and the background of integrated automatic system, can realize the power supply system management, coordination linkage.
The optimal battery configuration, reduce the number of screen group
Cancel communication battery and charging equipment, the use of DC/DC exchanger directly hung on the DC bus instead of UPS, can be eliminated using inverter DC bus instead of directly hung on, to avoid the communication power of UPS battery and battery maintenance is not fine, the damage can not be found in time to reduce the number of screen group colleagues.
The dual monitor module configuration, ensure the power station with more safe and reliable
The system is not only equipped with DAIP4.0-B or DAIP4.0-C integrated total monitor and total touch screen, local and remote can be achieved four remote, and each system has an independent monitoring module, can be in place separate operation.
The simplified station power two times design
(1) the whole station with the power supply design standardization, there is a plan, a schematic diagram, two schematic diagram, communication structure diagram, battery monitoring principle wiring diagram.
(2) the traditional complex two control part uses the intelligent module to test the switch quantity, only needs to input the program.
(3) between the screen and the screen through the LAN communication, foreign only communication connection, for digital transmission.
(4) the same model module can be interchangeable, easy maintenance and replacement. Colleagues shorten the supply cycle.
The convenient installation service coordination
Station power supply system in the two power supply control cabinet, DC power control cabinet, inverter power supply cabinet, UPS power supply cabinet, 48V communication power supply cabinet, battery cabinets are completed by a factory. Each subsystem communication protocol is compatible, the service only needs to find a factory to realize the integration of AC and DC turnkey project.
The operation and maintenance convenience, cost saving
Provide all the design, production and installation services, to solve the problem of all stations with power supply. Originally managed by different professionals, now only need to specify a substation personnel, while operating and maintenance management station power supply, and therefore reduce the one-time investment, reduce long-term maintenance costs.
The effective suppression of the current anti irrigation of inverter power supply, unified configuration of lightning protection
The anti - irrigation current of the inverter can effectively restrain the current of the DC current charging module. AC, DC into the line of unified lightning protection configuration.
The system of network intelligence
AC power supply, DC power supply, UPS power supply, DC/DC48V communication power supply, monitoring and remote control, MODBUS communication and other data, through the integrated monitoring system access to fully automatic system, realize the power supply in situ and remote control. Operating mode settings, event records, view and a variety of parameter settings, information platform to share, to achieve network intelligence.

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