ZZ Smart Station power system

Product Description

Product overview
GZZ intelligent station power supply system is our company in accordance with the requirements of unattended substation, independent research and development of a new dual power supply switching power supply system. The system uses advanced computer technology, microelectronics technology and power electronics technology, it sets a double circuit or multi-channel dual power
Source switch, lightning protection, distribution and computer monitoring in one, has been awarded the national patent office of the utility model patent certificate (certificate number: ZL200520060703.X)
This system adopts ATS automatic switch, intelligent detection and intelligent control technology, fundamentally guarantee the safe and reliable power supply, can facilitate the realization of multi power monitoring and remote control monitoring, suitable for 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, 500KV and other types of substation, power supply system of power plant, telecommunications, hospitals need reliable power supply and unattended.
Product features
1 using ATS automatic conversion switch, intelligent mechanical and electrical double locking to avoid two power collision, completely guarantee the reliable power supply;
2 intelligent monitoring module, which can monitor all electrical parameters of the system and input switch status, feeder switch status, and has local alarm instructions;
3 intelligent lightning protection, current and voltage monitoring module, with grounding, over current, over voltage, under voltage, lightning protection and other protection functions;
4 main switches are fixed and extracted two kinds of installation way, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance;
5 load outlet modular, standardized, equipped with safety damper, anti shock;
Six 6 kinds of working mode, can be used for flexible user, can meet the needs of different users.
7 the use of transparent inspection doors and security doors double structure, beautiful appearance, easy inspection;
8 touch buttons, Chinese interface, concise and easy to use;
9.RS485 communication interface, can support the IEC61850 protocol, can be directly connected to the substation integrated automation system, and has the function of event recording.
Reference standard
GB1497-1985 basic standard for low-voltage electrical appliances
GB998-1982 Basic test methods for low voltage electrical apparatus
GB7251.1-1997 low voltage switchgear and control equipment
IEC439-1 low voltage switchgear and control equipment
ZBK36001 low voltage draw out switchgear
DL/T720-2000 power system relay protection cabinet, screen general technical conditions
DL/T5136-2001 thermal power plant, substation two wiring design technical rules
Technical regulations for design of DL/T5147-2001 power system safety automatic device
GB7621-81 rated current of electrical equipment
GB/T2682-1981 low voltage complete set of indicator light and button color
GB/50054-95 low voltage distribution design specification
Use environment
- Location: Indoor
Maximum ambient temperature: +40
Minimum ambient temperature: -10
Maximum daily temperature difference: 35
Maximum relative humidity: 90%
Earthquake intensity: horizontal component 03g, vertical component 0.15g, safety factor 1.67
Protection level: IP30, IP40
technical parameter
Rated insulation voltage and rated working voltage: AC400/AC660
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Main switch rated current: 100A-2500A
Master switch rated short-time withstand current: 2.5KA-30KA
Main switch rated peak withstand current: 12KA-63KA
Power frequency withstand voltage: 2500VAC/min
Mechanical life and electrical life: 10000-25000/15000 times
Intelligent control unit
Measurement accuracy: 0.2V
Current / voltage: 0./0.5
Active power / reactive power 1 class /2.0 sampling current and voltage function 0-6A three phase
Voltage: three phase four wire 220/380VAC
Communication interface / protocol: RS485/MODBUS
System composition and working principle (adaptive range)
The composition of GZZ intelligent station system
ATS automatic transfer switch
The mechanical and electrical interlock and some internal installation facilities installed in the switch in the design of VE type ATS electric switch; by a deceleration board to achieve various logic switching control electronic control motor; in the absence of the operating voltage, the emergency manual operation to achieve the conversion; with one to three padlock can be completely locked switch.
Intelligent controller
The intelligent controller monitors the two power line state and control automatic conversion switch ATS, realized in the dual power line conditions, to ensure uninterrupted power supply output bus; through the friendly man-machine interface, user operation confirmation, thereby preventing misoperation; by monitoring the zero sequence current protection action signal, to ensure that no no, enlarged fault tripping, ensure safe and reliable operation of the system, can be set according to the specific situation of six kinds of operation mode, high reliability, control module with RS485 communication interface, communication ability.
Voltage monitoring module
The voltage monitoring module while monitoring the three road (two power line and bus) four phase three wire system (less) over voltage, three-phase unbalance and phase, can be divided into setting all over (under) the voltage value and the respective work time.
Power monitor module
The electric quantity monitoring module is a multifunctional electric quantity detecting device used for single, three-phase high-voltage and low-voltage power grid. It uses six buttons and direct LCD backlight LCD screen or touch screen, can get all the bus parameters (current, voltage and frequency, active power, reactive power and apparent power and power factor), these parameters can be through the RS485 interface of MODBUS protocol on the input to the remote computer. Shell can make the installation personnel conveniently installed at the door.

Two, working principle
Single busbar
When the power supply is normal, the two way power supply is one of the main power supply. When any power failure or need to exit, can automatically switch to the other way power supply; when the power to return to normal, can automatically restore the main power supply. System can also be selected according to the needs of the power supply mode or a certain way to exit the model.
Single bus bar segment
Power supply at the same time, the normal power supply at the same time, each power supply, respectively, with a section of the bus load, to achieve the bus section. When the power supply is switched to the other side, the power supply is automatically switched to the other way because of the failure or need to be exited. When the power is restored, the power supply of two way power supply can be automatically recovered. System can also be selected according to the needs of a certain power supply module or exit mode.


Function introduction
Function of monitoring system
GZZ intelligent station power supply system used by our company independently developed and patented SZK-V intelligent controller or SZK-II man-machine interface or SZK-II-S controller with high intelligent multi function. The controller with professional, advanced industrial microcomputer chip as the core, is designed for dual power automatic switching of the professional integrated intelligent controller. System with RS485 communication interface, remote and local operation, there are two kinds of liquid crystal display and touch screen optional, configuration standard chassis, man-machine interface is friendly, simple and easy to use, the specific features of the following:
One, ATS switch six modes of operation can be used to choose
Working mode 1: Fixed power supply I (always by the power supply)
Working mode two: Fixed power supply (always powered by the power supply)
Working mode three: automatic power supply (mains supply, power supply II)
Working mode four: automatic power supply II (mainly for power supply, power supply
Working mode five: automatic switching, since the vote does not self
Working mode six: stop power supply
Two, monitoring function
1 state monitoring
GZZ can monitor the line automatic switching device switch position, state; device fault alarm and bus voltage alarm, alarm, power station with vanishing coupling switch automatic input signal, zero sequence current protection action signal monitoring. GZZ not only provides remote warning models, but also provides local (sound) light alarm signal.
2 analog measurement: station bus voltage, the three-phase current measurement
AC sampling intelligent module, can be directly sampled 600VAC/5A following AC signal. To realize the remote monitoring of three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, power and other electrical parameters, the feeder switch working state (optional) module with RS485 communication interface, can easily access the integrated automation system of substation.
3 event log
GZZ has a large capacity event recording function. Event log off power is not lost, it can always maintain as many as 255 of the latest warning events, device action events and other events recorded to facilitate the accident analysis.
Three, protection function
With zero sequence over current protection
Overvoltage, undervoltage, open phase protection switch
Lightning protection (surge protection)
Four, communication function
The system with RS-485 communication interface, the highest rate of up to 57.6Kbps. MODBUS and other communication protocols, can be convenient and substation integrated automation system communications, can achieve four remote (Yao Xin, telemetry, remote control, remote control) function.