Dedicated power UPS uninterruptible power supply

Product Description

UPS special for electric power in China has been very widely used. The product according to the power industry technical standards for small substations, power plants and other areas of specialized design and manufacture, at the same time combined with the characteristics of China's power grid, a targeted design.
Product features
The standard input and output double isolation transformer, AC and DC completely isolated;
The inverter unit is controlled by the microprocessor SPWM technology, waveform purity;
- unique dynamic current loop control technology to ensure the reliable operation of inverter;
The overload ability is strong, can withstand the full load on the computer;
- high power static bypass switch, overload by bypass power supply;
Having input over voltage, output over voltage, over temperature, short circuit protection function;
The inverter LCD, LED dual front panel display, status at a glance;
Can be equipped with RS232/RS485 interface, optional SNMP card; support MODBUS protocol, support unattended;
Cold start function - DC, DC circuit without surge current;
The perfect protection measures, the maximum guarantee the reliable operation of the system.
Scope of application:
UPS is suitable for power plant, hydropower station, data center, substation and other electric power related fields.
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