KW32-12M intelligent outdoor permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker

Product Description

KW32-12M intelligent outdoor permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker is the leading outdoor permanent magnet vacuum switch switch equipment research and development based on the technology of the product from the outdoor switch module and the controller is composed of two parts, can be installed in the overhead lines, substations and other places, with a number of functions of distribution automation, four remote control and relay protection, can satisfy the requirement of high the reliability of all kinds of users.
A set of equipment by the main body of circuit breaker and MGK controller is composed of two parts, a pole mounted, connected by shielded control cable connection equipment powered by external systems, including MGK controller with power management system, relay protection system, communication system, and provides the driving energy circuit breaker body of permanent magnet mechanism, measuring function control and power line parameter of the permanent magnetic circuit breaker.
Product features:
The reliability and practicability of the high
Long life and maintenance free
The energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption
Intelligent control unit
The breaking and closing management
The line protection function
The amount of signal monitoring
The measuring function
The history of the operation disk
The self diagnosis and protection function
The high level of protection
Communication function