GGD fixed low voltage switchgear

Product Description

Type GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet for power plants, substations and industrial enterprises of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V, rated current up to 3150A distribution system, as power, lighting and power distribution equipment, power conversion, distribution and control purposes.
GGD type AC low voltage distribution system is a new type of low voltage power distribution cabinet, which is designed according to the principle of safety, economy, reasonable and reliable. The product has high segmentation capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical program, combination of convenience, series, strong practicability, structure, high protection. Can be used as a low-voltage switch equipment replacement products.
GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet is in line with the GB7251 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment" IEC439 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards.
Conditions of use:
Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 C, not less than -5 C, the average temperature within the +35 shall not be higher than 24h.
Indoor installation, use the site altitude not exceeding 2000m.
Ambient air relative humidity at the maximum temperature of +40 degrees Celsius is not more than 50%, at a lower temperature to allow a greater relative humidity (e.g., +20 C 90%). Considering the influence of temperature change may happen.
Pollution level 3
When the equipment is installed, the inclination of the vertical plane is not more than 5.
Equipment shall be installed in places where there is no severe vibration and shock, as well as a place where electrical components are corroded.