KYN28A-12 armored remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear

Product Description

KYN28A-12 withdrawout metal clad and metal enclosed switchgear
Product overview
KYNA28A-12 type indoor metal armoured middle shift switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) indoor distribution equipment is a three-phase 50Hz, for receiving and distribution network electric 3-12 kV can control and the implementation of protection and monitoring of circuit. Microprocessor based relay protection device can be installed in various types of the products and relay chamber panel, and can realize the intelligent control system, with remote control, telemetry, remote communication and remote transfer function. CAN/485 bus control field network with communication interface. And to prevent misoperation preventing circuit breaker, load push handle vehicle, prevent the charged grounding switch is closed, to prevent the grounding switch in the grounding position and prevent transmission into live space, which is referred to as the "five anti" function. The cabinet is equipped with VSI (ZN63), ZN12V vacuum circuit breaker, also can be equipped with imported VD4 VC series vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum contactor.
Use environment
The ambient air temperature: the upper limit of the general area of +40 C -10 C
The altitude: less than 1000M
The humidity: daily average value is less than or equal to 95%, the monthly average of less than 90%
Steam pressure: daily average value is less than or equal to 2.2kPa, the monthly average of less than 1.8kPa
There may be gel, when the temperature dips with filth, apply to the following conditions is more severe than normal two environmental conditions of the product.
1. Less frequent (monthly average of not more than two times) with mild pollution.
2 there is no condensation (an average of not more than two times) have serious pollution.
The no fire and explosion danger and serious pollution to corrosion and damage to the insulation gas and other bad places.
- no severe vibration, bumps and place vertical inclination of not more than 8 degrees.
1 allow storage at -30.
2 at an altitude of more than 1000m of the area, according to the JB/Z02 "high voltage electrical appliances using altitude areas of technical requirements", when the elevation is not more than 2000m, the low voltage auxiliary equipment does not need to take any measures.
3 when the actual conditions of use and the above is not at the same time, should be negotiated between the user and the manufacturer.
technical parameter
Absolute limit
Margin level
Rated voltage
7.212 3.6
1min power frequency withstand voltage
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (Quan Bo)
Rated frequency
Rated current
3150 630125016002000250
4S short-time withstand current
Rated peak withstand current
Protection level
Housing IP2X, each compartment partition IP4X
Switch cabinet structure description
The switch cabinet is composed of a fixed body and a withdrawable part (the hand car) two parts (Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of switch cabinet structure). Diaphragm switch cabinet body shell and each functional unit adopts aluminum zinc coated steel plate by a bolt. Switch cabinet enclosure protection class up to IP4X, each compartment partition board and circuit breaker room door open when the protection level is IP2X.
KYN28A-12 type switch cabinet can be equipped with VSI type ZN12V vacuum breaker handcart and VD4 vacuum circuit breaker, VC series vacuum contactor and ABB, switch cabinet can be installed in the cabinet is mounted to heavy parallel back-to-back arrangement. The switchgear installation and debugging can be in the front, so the switch cabinet can be mounted against the wall, on the biggest advantage of wall installation can save the area, and can also switch cabinet against wall installation, namely double maintenance type, two internal structure layout is not uniform, the utility model has the advantages of convenient maintenance.
Shell and partition
The switchgear enclosure and clapboard is made of high-quality imported aluminum zinc coated steel plate after bending machining CNC machine bolted to the assembled switchgears can maintain the unity of the size. It has a strong anti - corrosion and anti - oxidation, and has a higher mechanical strength than the same steel plate. The switch cabinet is divided into a hand car compartment (a circuit breaker compartment), a bus chamber, a cable chamber and a relay instrument chamber (low pressure chamber). Each unit casing is independently connected to the ground.
The switchgear cabinet enclosure and clapboard after CNC machining and bending bolted together by aluminum zinc coated steel plate or steel plate, so the assembled switchgears can maintain the unity of the size. Aluminum zinc coated steel plate with anti corrosion and strong antioxidant effect, and has high mechanical strength than the same steel plate. The switch cabinet is separated into a hand car room, a bus bar room, a cable chamber and a relay instrument room, and each unit of the switch cabinet is provided with an independent grounding. The switch cabinet door by electrostatic spraying the surface with anti impact, corrosion resistance and appearance (color can be customized by the user) etc..
Outline dimension
Two thousand and three hundred
Branch bus rated current 1600A and below, short circuit breaking current is 31.5kA
Eight hundred
Branch bus rated current 1600A above
One thousand
Cable line
One thousand and five hundred
Overhead line
One thousand six hundred and sixty
Weight (kg)
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