KW2000 civil intelligent power distribution monitoring system

Product Description

System overview
 KW-2000 intelligent power distribution monitoring system according to the distribution system, by using fieldbus, fiber ring network and other communication network, remote substation monitoring, power collecting and power quality management, work management organic monitoring, under normal and accident insurance distribution system protection, control, measurement and the power supply departments together, to improve the quality of power supply, which is more convenient and users to establish a close contact, KW-2000 system to meet the diversity of user requirements with reasonable price, strive to supply the best economics, enterprise management more effective.
 KW-2000 monitoring system integrates a variety of domestic and international industrial field communication protocol, such as IEC60870-5-101/102/103/104, CANBus, ProfiBus, DNP, CDT, ModBus, IEC61850, support for third party access to a large number of intelligent devices. As shown in the following figure.

System technical parameters
Important telemetry update cycle: <2S
General telemetry update cycle: <3S
When the accident of telesignalisation displacement transfer time: less than 1S
Accident push screen time: <2S
Remote signal change: <1S
Remote control process completed: <3S
Integrated error of analog measurement: <0.5%
Power grid frequency measurement error: <0.01HZ
Call picture response time: 0.5S ~ 3S
The control device to receive instruction execution time: less than 1S
Network speed: 100 MB or 1000 MB
The correct rate of event records: 99.9%
Remote signal accuracy: 100%
Remote control accuracy: 100%
The correct rate of remote control: 100%
Telemetry accuracy: 99.9%
Use environment
Altitude: less than 4000 meters
Working environment temperature range: -20 to 65
Storage ambient temperature range: -40 to 85
Relative humidity: less than 95%RH (25 C)
Capacity in the real time database to support the 20000 basic to maintain the following system indicators:
The service life of the system is not less than 10 years
System MTBF: MTBF system is more than 30000 hours
CPU load: load rate is less than 15% under normal circumstances
The load ratio of 35% accident cases
System structure
The KW-2000 intelligent power distribution monitoring system adopts three layers network distributed structure, which includes the station control management layer, network communication layer and field device layer.
1 Management
Station control management for distribution system management, is a direct window of human-computer interaction. Its composition is mainly composed by the system software (including Windows operating system and KW-2000 system) and the server (or workstation), the auxiliary equipment also includes printer, UPS uninterrupted power supply and other related equipment. KW-2000 has a friendly man-machine interface, the collection of all kinds of data information through analysis and processing, and graphics, form, sound and other forms to reflect the operation of the scene.
2 communication layer
The communication control layer is mainly composed of the communication management machine and the bus network. The data layer is a bridge for the exchange of information, for the acquisition of equipment information, classification and storage, and forwarding device layer data to the superior system, and in response to the higher system equipment control instruction.
3 device layer
Device layer is a multi-function instrument, relay protection device for the control of the terminal switch equipment. Through these control systems, can directly control the situation of the field power supply, display, data acquisition.

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