Our philosophy

I adhere to the "all for customer service, all for the sake of users, is responsible for all users, so that all users be assured" commitment to firmly establish the "quality first, customers first, the credibility of the first" ideology, user-centric, set up a sound quality assurance system and sales service network, has a good quality, quick response and timely service marketing team, equipped with a dedicated service facilities throughout the country are equipped with maintenance service team, all-round to do good pre-sale, sale, service, determine for product safety, regularly put into operation a success, allowing users to rest assured that the use of our products.
Our commitment

Strict compliance with the terms of the contract "technical services" related content.
● timely delivery of our products to the required technical information.
● product after arrival to receive your notice, I will send people rushed to the scene to participate in inspection work after unpacking.
● My company's telephone service is open 24 hours, the product during installation, commissioning or test run, found quality problems or other needs of my company to help solve the problem, after receiving notice of your party, have to reply within 10 minutes, the first rushed to the scene as soon as possible, a full range of engineering services in good faith for your company, do not solve the problem, the service does not stop working.
● In the product installation, commissioning process, the company will send an experienced, strong sense of responsibility of technical personnel to the scene to provide on-site technical services to assist and guide product installation and commissioning and trial operation, and is responsible for resolving contractual equipment installation, testing, commissioning found manufacturing quality and performance and other related issues.
● warranty period for the product installation and commissioning contract goods acceptance 12 months, the product warranty period manufacturing quality problems from our side is responsible for the free repair or replacement, and bear financial responsibility under the contract accordingly. After the warranty period, the lifetime of the product, in the case of obvious major damage to the equipment design or manufacturing defects in the equipment caused by our responsible for free repair or replacement, the product life-long service.
● responsibility for damage caused by non-us, our priority is completed to provide parts and repair and until the user satisfaction.
● on the demand side and optional equipment related to this contract equipment, we have the obligation to provide technical cooperation, and any costs not incurred thereby.
● For devices consumables, we provide users with equipment wearing parts and wearing parts supplier list long.
● To give you a proper understanding, use and maintenance of our products, in accordance with your needs, our company can be sent to the scene or your send to my company, free technical training.
● assist power users for inspection, quality inspection departments, inspection.
● establishment of user files, professionals regularly visit.
● To maintain the deep Temin technological quality and reputation, all of high quality components and raw materials.
● sales engineers Qualification:
a, familiar with the power industry system of law and order, respect the rules and regulations of the construction site.
b, proficient in the use of equipment maintenance, has rich experience in the field, able to correctly complete the on-site guidance and solving unexpected incidents.
c, has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
d, subject to the Council's work, the Board shall have the right to replace the defective engineers think.